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“Are you suffering from permanent hair loss and need a permanent solution? Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) treatment could be the one solution you need to restore your lost hair and regain your confidence.

So, what is scalp micro pigmentation?

According to, SMP is a method of placing pigments in the head skin to replace lost hair follicles. The dots look like hair follicles, such that the patient will appear to have a full shaven head.

The aesthetician usually color-matches the pigmentation to suit different clients with varying hair and scalp colors, adds a Las Vegas, Nevada-based SMP treatment specialist.

The treatment process takes about 2–5 sessions which last less than half an hour; but, that will depend on the extent of hair loss. More questions you may be having about this treatment method include:

Does SMP disguise scars from hair transplant?

If you have ever undergone a hair transplant surgery, you can bear witness that the scars from the process are highly noticeable and not comfortable to have everyone see them.

While how much visible they will be on the target tissue is a critical issue here, SMP can blend the scar with hair, therefore, making it less noticeable.

How long does the treatment last?

There is hardly a definitive answer here because individuals are unique. However, individuals working outdoors under direct sunlight require frequent touch-ups than individuals working indoors.

The immune system of an individual also affects the longevity of the treatment, in that, even people with high immunity need touch-ups from time to time.

Can you reverse SMP?

If you are like most, you want to know whether you can reverse this process. Yes, you can; the specialist will remove the pigmentation using an electro-optic laser. The laser breaks down the pigmentation which facilitates the absorption of the pigmentation into the dermis layer.

SMP is an effective method for restoring hair follicles. The treatment method works for both men and women of any age. It is, however, advisable to consult with a specialist to determine the various treatment sessions that will see you restore your bald spots fully.”

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