Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment in Las Vegas

“People who have hair loss can lose confidence, but with micropigmentation, they can enjoy the appearance of a full head of hair again. The treatment disguises male pattern baldness, receding hairline, alopecia, scarring, and more.

Hair loss happens for different reasons. It can be genetic and run down the male line. It can be triggered by stress, scarring of the scalp, and childbirth. It can also be part of the aging process. Some women may find that they lose large amounts of hair after having a baby. Those entering middle ages are more likely to experience brittle, thinning hair. This is called density loss.

Hair extensions can restore fullness to the hair and take years off someone’s age, but they are only temporary and need to be removed after three to four months. Scalp micropigmentation is a way to simulate the appearance of hair and it can be permanent.

Scalp Micropigmentation (otherwise known as hair tattooing) is an advanced cosmetic pigmentation method that uses specialized equipment to inject pigment into the scalp. By accurately replicating your natural hair color and hair follicles, the procedure strengthens and adds density to thinning areas, creating an illusion of stronger and thicker hair. While the process resembles getting a tattoo, SMP is a highly-technical process performed by trained technicians.

Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • Fast procedure
  • Look younger
  • Long lasting effects
  • Fast healing

Scalp micropigmentation can help reverse the effects of hair loss and give the illusion of a full scalp. Also referred to as micro hair pigmentation, the treatment involves the application of color pigments on the scalp in a way that replicates natural hair follicles. Micropigmentation can be used to make your hair appear fuller and hide scars or baldness. Before choosing a clinic for the procedure, it is important to explore and study your options.

First and foremost, make sure that the person working on you is licensed and can successfully perform the procedure themselves. They should be able to show you their body of work and provide all necessary documentation as required by your state or city. If a potential clinic/practitioner cannot provide these basics it is not a situation you want to get yourself into.

Second, ask for before and after pictures as well as case studies/testimonials. Make sure to be descriptive in what you’re looking for and that they can successfully provide the results you need!


Alpha Micropigmentation is a premier scalp micropigmentation (SMP) clinic in Las Vegas. We have been in the beauty and aesthetics industry for over 25 years. In that time, we have watched the number of scalp micropigmentation companies grow quite rapidly but have resisted entering the market because our opinion was that the technology and equipment were not where it needed to be to provide results that we would be satisfied with.

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