Men generally aren’t fussy with their hair. A little wax here and there goes a long way. Some take this nonchalance to the next level, opting to buzz all their hair off. No combing, styling, or maintenance needed.

With the summer fast approaching, the buzz cut ‘do is gaining even more popularity. One of the reasons is because this hairstyle is universally flattering. Taylor Swift sang about meeting her boyfriend of two years, actor Joe Alwyn, at the 2016 Met Gala while he was sporting a buzz cut. Meanwhile, the pop star’s arch nemesis, Kanye West, has been rocking the buzzed look for years.

Apart from the fact that this hair cut looks good on literally anyone, here are other reasons men (and some women) find buzz cut their hairdo of choice this summer:

It’s perfect for men with a balding head

Losing your hair intentionally is way different than not having control over its loss, so men going bald because of biology often feel insecure about their hair (or lack thereof). Male pattern baldness is the cause of 95 percent of hair loss in men, which two-thirds of them experience by the age of 35.

Because of this, a lot of men are now taking a more positive and proactive approach to combat this condition by getting a buzz cut. Men with balding spots put their remaining hair under the buzz cutter and get scalp micropigmentation to even out the look and take back control of their hair. With scalp micropigmentation training being a hit, you won’t have a hard time finding people who offer this service.

It’s a built-in air conditioner

Want to keep it cool this summer? Shear your tresses off and sport a buzz cut instead. Without a full head of hair, your scalp feels cooler and fresher. Choosing and wearing sun protection, such as hats, is also easier with short hair. It means your scalp is less likely to sweat under the cap than if you have long hair.

Women wanting to sport this look will have a less complicated time making sure their hair is where it’s supposed to be. No need for hours of blow drying and hair styling. You also don’t have to worry about looking like a drowned rat when you get out of the pool.

This hair cut can accentuate your best facial features

Do you have a great bone structure? Do your sharp cheekbones, sleek jaw line, or Greek nose stand out? Maybe you have great eyes or perfect lips. All of these can be seen more clearly without a full head of hair getting in the way.

By getting a buzz cut, people’s attention is immediately drawn to the most striking features of your face. Plus, being that vulnerable with your look can evoke confidence. Pair your shorn head with great clothes and you’ll instantly get the attention of everyone in the room.

Being experts on short and nonexistent hair, we know how important it is that you’re confident about how you look. While getting a buzz cut may seem like an extreme change, especially if you’ve had long, thick hair all your life, it can also be your best look.

Here at Alpha Micropigmentation, we provide scalp micropigmentation services that help our customers regain confidence in their looks. From people with male pattern baldness to those who lost their hair because of chemo treatments, we welcome them all.

We also offer in-house and online scalp micropigmentation training sessions for those who want a career in this growing field. Contact us today to get started.