Trusted Micropigmentation Specialists

Alpha Micropigmentation is a trusted scalp micropigmentation specialist. We use cutting-edge technology, pigments, and techniques to achieve natural-looking results that compliment and elevate our client’s appearance.

With over 25 years in the beauty and aesthetics industry, our mission is to help individuals struggling with hair loss regain confidence and enjoy life. Unlike other micropigmentation companies that use inks, our practitioners utilize pigments that are 100% organic, safe, and easily received by the skin.

We also offer virtual and in-person scalp micropigmentation training courses designed for various levels of experience and qualifications. Students complete the courses with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to perform effective procedures and truly excel in the hair treatment industry.



Aaron is the owner of Alpha Micropigmentation. He has been a free-lance artist in mediums of all kinds beginning at a very young age with some of his art featured in various locations around the Las Vegas valley. He knew immediately after his very first session that scalp micropigmentation was going to be a big deal. He started practicing every day in this new medium and was certified in the procedure in under a year. He loves the challenge of working with a new client every time and providing them with hyper-realistic results. Aaron is very excited about being part of this developing industry that is finding new ways to help people every day. His favorite part of the process is handing his clients a mirror at the end of their session and watching their reactions to seeing their new look for the first time. “It’s extremely rewarding and it never gets old,” he says.

Stop wearing hats to cover your hair loss! Get your confidence back today.