Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

While there are numerous hair loss treatments out there, many are either unreliable or unreasonably expensive. Hair transplants and wigs are some of your options, but these do not always guarantee long-term results.

Alpha Micropigmentation offers a better alternative. Instead of being disappointed with treatments that don’t work, why not try our scalp micropigmentation treatments?

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation (otherwise known as hair tattooing) is an advanced cosmetic pigmentation method that uses specialized equipment to inject pigment into the scalp. By accurately replicating your natural hair color and hair follicles, the procedure strengthens and adds density to thinning areas, creating an illusion of stronger and thicker hair.

While the process resembles getting a tattoo, SMP is a highly-technical process performed by trained technicians. During the treatment, technicians will use microneedles to layer pigment dots on the scalp. They place these tiny dots in the skin’s dermal layer to create an illusion of hair.

The treatment’s duration depends on the patient but typical sessions last from three to five hours. Touch-up sessions take less time.

A full micropigmentation procedure requires little to no continued maintenance. It also carries no strict lifestyle restrictions.

The success of this intricate procedure depends on two factors: the practitioners’ skill and the quality of the equipment used. Fortunately, Alpha Micropigmentation in Las Vegas has both!

Why Choose Us

Our SMP services in Nevada (with satellite offices in Wisconsin and Minneapolis) use cutting-edge technology to ensure patients receive flawless results. We also tailor each treatment according to your skin color and type. We discuss your style preferences, hairline design, and final goals. Doing so helps us create a more natural look that camouflages transplant scarring and hair recession.

Scalp micropigmentation treatment in Las Vegas, Hudson, and Minneapolis St. Paul is a versatile treatment that does wonders for our clients. Feel more confident with your appearance by addressing hair loss concerns with us today.

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Stop wearing hats to cover your hair loss! Get your confidence back today.