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We created this blog for a couple of reasons. First and foremost we would like to be able to address a lot of the questions we often hear in regards to scalp micropigmentation or “Hair tattoo” and be able to provide you with reliable information. Secondly and possibly, more importantly, we would like to use this blog to reach people that may not have heard of scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) and let them know that this is a viable option and often better alternative to current hair loss treatments. In the upcoming blogs we will address and discuss a myriad of topics related to SMP and our industry but first, we would like to let everyone know just what exactly scalp micro pigmentation is.

What is scalp micropigmentation or SMP?  SMP is the process of depositing pigment into the skin on the scalp with the use of a specialized needle and electric rotary machine (or permanent make-up machine) The pigments are inserted in such a way that they resemble natural hair follicles and if done correctly are almost indistinguishable even under magnification. The procedure is performed similarly to the way a traditional tattoo is applied with some important distinctions. The needles used in SMP are specially designed to replicate the look and size of natural hair follicles. The pigments or inks used in SMP are almost exclusively organic and are again designed to replicate the look and color of natural hair follicles and will not turn blue or green over time like many traditional tattoo inks can.

The origins of scalp micropigmentation are a debated topic but most people agree that it originated in Europe roughly 15-16 years ago and was pioneered by permanent make-up artists. It has been performed in the US since roughly 2008 with new artists and centers emerging every year. It is an industry that is booming due to the ease of the procedure and the instant hyper-realistic results it provides.

One of the many benefits of  SMP over traditional hair loss treatments is the wide range of applications it can be used for. It can be used not only to correct hair loss in men and women but is extremely effective in camouflaging hair transplant scars, head scars, and helping people suffering from alopecia. Artists are finding new ways of applying this process to help people every day. Some of the newer treatments include eyebrow pigmentation and even body scar camouflage.

We are excited to be a part of this cutting-edge industry and absolutely love being able to offer this procedure to our clients. It is some of the most rewarding work we have ever done and we can’t wait to share our passion with everyone that is interested. We are always available to answer any questions anyone has and encourage everyone to do a quick search engine search of scalp micropigmentation to learn about its many benefits.

Welcome to Alpha MIcropigmentation and if there’s a subject that you would like us to discuss in the future, please let us know!