Did you know scalp micropigmentation is for women too? Any quick web search for scalp micropigmentation or Hair Tatto will yield you thousands of varied results and pictures. You will find the vast majority of those results have one thing in common, They are all males. This has led many to believe that this is a procedure that can only be performed on men. This could not be farther from the truth. SMP is a very viable option for women suffering from hair loss of all types and we have performed the procedure on many women with amazing results. In this blog, we will discuss a couple of the more common applications for SMP in treating various forms of hair loss in women.

The most common form of hair loss we treat in women is just every day thinning from aging. For most of us, we are going to start to notice our hair thinning at some point as we age. Unless you hit the genetic lottery it is almost unavoidable. There is a seemingly endless amount of hair loss solutions out there, many of which do not work. The biggest concern most of our female clients have is that no matter what they do with their hair, they can not hide the fact that their scalp shows through which makes their hair look even thinner than it really is. With the scalp micropigmentation procedure, we can precisely apply perfectly matched pigment directly into your scalp that flawlessly replicates your natural hair follicles, even when under magnification. This provides you with the look of naturally dense hair without having to endure painful (and expensive) surgeries, countless hours applying artificial fibers, or other costly and time-consuming regimens. The results are instant and relatively painless.

Another common form of hair loss we are treating is in women with thyroid or autoimmune disorders. These irregularities in our bodies can create hair loss that is both unpredictable and frustrating. the types of hair loss or thinning associated with autoimmune disorders often have no rhyme, reason or pattern and can be almost impossible to cover or style around as all different areas of the scalp can potentially show through at any given place on the head. Using our precise micro pigmentation technique we can often cover or camouflage these problems areas and make them completely unnoticeable. for many women facing these issues things like hair transplants or grafts are not an option as again the hair loss is unpredictable and does not follow any type of known pattern. With SMP we can precisely target the problem areas as they appear and provide instant results. Areas can also be re-touched or altered to keep up with any changes in the patterns of thinning or hair loss.

One of the least common but sometimes most severe form of hair loss that we see is due to alopecia. Anyone that has ever dealt with alopecia will tell you it can have severely negative impacts on your lifestyle and self-confidence. Hair loss from alopecia can range anywhere from very small areas of hair loss to extremely large areas of the scalp that cease to grow hair. The technique for treating alopecia is the same as described above and the results can be life changing! Scalp micropigmentation is often successful where many other treatments are not even an option.

As you can see there are myriad of applications for scalp micropigmentation or hair tattooing. We are very excited to be one of the first providers of this procedure in Las Vegas. If you have any questions or concerns or would like to know if this treatment is an option for you please contact us at any time. Our consults are always free and confidential and we are happy to meet with anyone interested in this industry or procedure!