Scalp micro pigmentation is the best for a variety of reasons!

There seems to be an endless amount of hair loss treatments or hair thinning solutions on the market today. A lot of them make some pretty extraordinary claims however, the results they provide usually fall short of expectations. Today we are going to discuss some of the more popular hair loss solutions and why scalp micro pigmentation or a “hair tattoo” is a much better alternative.

Dispensable fibers or powders are one of the first products a lot of people turn to when they start to notice they are losing their hair. Once you find a color to match your hair these products are usually pretty good at concealing hair loss. The downside of using fibers or powders are many. Firstly, the application process can be time-consuming and takes some practice to produce realistic results. Please note, getting your hair wet is an absolute no-no when using these products! Water can cause the fibers to run all over your face and clothes, often leaving streaks of dye behind. You also need to be sure to completely wash your hair after using them to avoid finding the fibers all over your pillow and bedding. With scalp micro pigmentation your results are permanent and require no application or maintenance. There is no upkeep involved and getting your hair wet is never an issue.

Scalp dyes or colored sprays are another popular go-to hair loss treatment. They are usually low cost and the application is quick and easy and when applied right the results can look semi-realistic. The dye sprays come with a lot of the same problems as the fibers and powders. You definitely don’t want to get your head wet when using these products. They will immediately start to run and can leave streaks of dye on your face and clothes. Users of these products also need to be careful when washing their hair before going to bed as these products can leave stains on your bedding as well. As stated before, scalp micro pigmentation is permanent and requires no maintenance. Once your procedure is complete you never have to worry about applying product every day or special hair washing regimens.

Hair transplants have traditionally been advertised as the best and most permanent solution to hair loss or balding. The results can look very realistic and can sometimes be permanent. One of the biggest downfalls of these procedures is the cost. Prices for an average hair transplant can range anywhere from $8,000.00 to $11,000.00. The process is also extremely invasive and painful and leaves the patient with permanent scars on their head. If everything goes perfectly the transplanted hair will take hold and fill in the thinning spots. What patients often see though is more thinning in other places requiring more procedures and in the worst cases, exposing the scars from previous surgeries. Scalp micro pigmentation is non-invasive, relatively painless, and leaves the client with nothing but hyper-realistic, permanent results.

Scalp micro pigmentation or “hair tattoos” is the best solution for hair loss or balding on the market today. The procedure produces replicated hair follicles that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing even under magnification. The results are immediate and permanent. They require no maintenance or up-keep other than normal skin care. At Alpha Micropigmentation we provide the very best scalp micro pigmentation available in Las Vegas. Contact Us today and schedule a free consultation so we can discuss how this revolutionary procedure can best help you!