Scalp Micro Pigmentation has quickly come to the top solution for hair loss in men and women. The results are instant, permanent, and hyper-realistic. The demand for these procedures is even exceeding SMP artist’s abilities to keep up with client demand in some cities. New shops are opening every day which presents solutions as well as problems. In this blog, we will discuss what constitutes proper training and where to obtain this training.

The first thing you want to look for when choosing a trainer fro scalp micro pigmentation is their certifications and pertinent qualifications as required by the local laws and guidelines. Every jurisdiction is different but almost every state, city, or county will require micro pigmentation artists to obtain some form of health or body art card or permit. to obtain these cards or permits artists must be trained and be able to demonstrate knowledge of proper equipment handling and sterilization techniques to reduce exposure and transmission of bloodborne pathogens and/or diseases. It is extremely important to be trained by someone who understands the best practices for performing these procedures in a clean and sterile environment. Make sure the facility you are training in is clean. Ask yourself if this is a facility that you would want to have your procedure performed in. Is your trainer an artist that you would feel comfortable having performed the procedure on you?

There are many places that offer online courses or online training. If this is something that suits you, it would not be a bad way to learn scalp micro pigmentation and works out well for many people. However, there is no training quite as good as hands-on, face to face training. The advantages of working under the direct supervision of an accomplished artist are many. Proper techniques can be learned first hand in real time. Be wary of facilities offering “cattle call” classes meaning, class sizes of 30 or more people for discounted rates. There is very little opportunity for individual instruction in this type of environment and the student’s ability to learn and quality of work will ultimately suffer.

Finally, when you are choosing a micro pigmentation training artist or facility, it is never a bad idea to ask to see a portfolio or samples of their work. It may sound obvious but you would not want to learn this procedure from an artist that can not satisfactorily perform the procedure themselves. Most of the good training programs will also have a practical application for your final exam or qualification. this means working on an actual client under the instruction of a trainer.

At Alpha Micropigmentation in Las Vegas, NV. you will be offered complete, hands-on training in a class size that is never greater than 5 people. The artists/trainers are both accomplished and recognized in their field with over 25 years experience in the health and beauty industry and will spend individual time with each student. Every aspect of the industry and procedure will be covered. You will learn everything from sanitary practices to quoting clients, to correctly performing a micro pigmentation procedure. Contact Alpha Micropigmentation today to get your career started in the exciting field of micro pigmentation!