One of the most frequently asked questions during scalp micro pigmentation consultations is why are SMP costs significantly more than a traditional tattoo of equal size? There are a few reasons for the variance in price and they are very important ones.

First and foremost, Scalp micro pigmentation is both art and science and requires trained precision on the part of the artist in order to provide the hyper-realistic results that people are coming to expect. The artists in the micro pigmentation field that are providing the best results have gone through seemingly endless hours of training and practice often spending in the tens of thousands of dollars to become proficient in their craft. It is certainly not as easy as picking up a tattoo machine and placing dots on clients scalps as some have suggested. Trained artists have spent countless hours studying depth perception, color theory, blending, hair density, etc.

Here is an example of a poorly performed procedure.

Another reason scalp micro pigmentation or “hair tattoos” are higher in price than traditional tattoos is that the equipment and pigment used are highly specialized and designed specifically for scalp micro pigmentation procedures. The needles used are designed to be the exact width of a hair follicle. The pigments used are typically 100% organic and can be quite costly for the quality products. There is a substantial cost up front taken on by the artist for every client. Not only in equipment and supplies but for time and money invested in their craft.

When considering scalp micro pigmentation, prospective clients should understand that this procedure is not just a purchase but an investment. Most artists that are producing quality work are generally priced relatively closely to each other. Be wary of micro pigmentation clinics that are charging thousands of dollars more or less than others. Do your homework when choosing an artist. It’s never a bad idea to go to more than one consult. This way you will know you are getting quality work at the right price.