Scalp micro pigmentation training

Scalp micro pigmentation or the “hair tattoo”  is the fastest growing and most effective treatment in the hair loss treatment industry today. The results are hyper-realistic and replicate real follicles, even on a microscopic level. As can be expected with any booming industry, demand for these services is steadily increasing making licensed and trained micro pigmentation artists highly sought after. As a result of this demand, there are many places offering training of varying degrees, some good and some not so good. There are some key factors to be aware of when looking for scalp micro pigmentation or “hair tattoo” trainer.

First and foremost, make sure that the potential scalp micro pigmentation trainer you are working with is both trained and licensed in accordance with local laws and statutes. In some states and/or cities micro pigmentation is an unregulated field. This means that some people are able to start offering these services with little to no training which can be very dangerous. You want to be sure that the artist you are training with has the knowledge and skill set to provide you with the training and support that is needed to get started in this field.

While being trained and certified is very important, you also want to be sure that you are training with an artist or scalp micro pigmentation trainer that can provide a portfolio of exceptional work. Ask your trainer to see some of their work. Make sure that they are able to train you to a standard that is acceptable to you and that would make you competitive in the micro pigmentation industry.

Finally, make sure that the training you are paying for is comprehensive. This means that you are not only being trained on just the scalp micro pigmentation procedure but everything else that accompanies it. For example, proper sanitation methods, consultation techniques, applicable health department requirements, etc.

Alpha Micropigmentation offers hands-on, face to face scalp micro pigmentation training in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our training is a complete start to finish training program that encompasses everything you will need to know to start your own scalp micro pigmentation or “hair tattoo” business. Our trainers are very accomplished and are recognized in their field. We offer flexible training schedules and never schedule classes larger than four people in order to make sure everyone receives the individual attention they require. At the end of our training, you will be required to successfully perform a micro pigmentation procedure on an actual client. We also offer one on one training when our schedule permits and modified training for out of state clients. Contact us today to get your own business started offering the newest and most effective hair loss treatment available.