“There are various solutions for treating hair loss, but most are unreasonably costly, unreliable, and can make you feel more frustrated. A hair transplant is one option, although it often leaves a nasty scar behind and generally costs far more than the value you get.

You can always opt for a wig, but it can be uncomfortable, not to mention there is a potential embarrassment when it is accidentally displaced. Scalp micropigmentation is an effective, highly advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation for covering hair loss.

It uses highly specialized techniques and equipment to inject pigment into the scalp. Alpha Micropigmentation LLC lists the range of scalp pigmentation procedures you can choose from.

Adding Density to Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can result in wide, patchy spots showing through the hair. Typically, the person will have an even coverage across the scalp, but density drops as the hair loss progresses. Men and women of all ages can suffer from this, and scalp micropigmentation is a solution that can fill in and cover up problem areas.

It restores the lost density, revealing a look of an even, full head of hair.

Soft Hairline and Widowed Peak

If you want to lower your hairline and replenish the parts where it has receded over time, the technique can help with giving a realistic appearance of hair growth with no harsh lines. They carefully select the color to match your natural hair color and blend in perfectly for a striking result.

The Permanent Edge Up

The “Edge Up” is an extremely popular choice. It’s a particular treatment that begins conservatively at the hairline. The ink color has to match the density to create the illusion of a head full of hair with a robust hairline, creating a youthful edge-up.

Each client’s needs are unique, and you most likely will have a custom procedure designed to give you the exact results that you are looking for.”

Source – Weekly Muse