When it comes to quality and a fair price, Alpha Micropigmentation is committed to providing the best scalp micropigmentation in Las Vegas! Our Las Vegas scalp micropigmentation clinic addresses a variety of hair-loss problems, such as hair thinning, failed hair transplants, head scars, and premature balding, through hair follicle replication. We can also correct botched or substandard scalp micropigmentation procedures too. Las Vegas Scalp Micropigmentation (otherwise known as hair tattooing) is an advanced cosmetic pigmentation method that uses specialized equipment to inject pigment into the scalp. By accurately replicating your natural hair color and hair follicles, the procedure strengthens and adds density to thinning areas, creating an illusion of stronger and thicker hair. While the process resembles getting a tattoo, SMP is a highly-technical process performed by trained technicians. During the treatment, technicians will use microneedles to layer pigment dots on the scalp. They place these tiny dots in the skin’s dermal layer to create an illusion of hair. This is highly effective and the results are incredible!

Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • Fast procedure
  • Look younger
  • Long lasting effects
  • Fast healing

Alpha Micropigmentation is an SMP clinic in Las Vegas that takes personal service seriously. From the initial consultation through the actual procedure and after-care, we are there for you. We treat each client’s case professionally and with complete confidentiality. Our tools and material reflect the standard our clinic upholds. Clients can rest assured that we use only the finest equipment and techniques. During the free consultation, you’ll discuss your concerns with our scalp technician. They will then create a personalized treatment plan and quotation for you. Feel free to ask us anything; we’ll gladly walk you through the procedure.

Trust that our micropigmentation clinic in Las Vegas can work with hair types of different lengths and thickness. And because we use pigment instead of ink, we provide natural-looking hair. We are here for you and to provide you with the best quality of service at a reasonable price. To schedule an appointment today, please contact us now!