Full Micropigmentation in Las Vegas

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“There are many factors that come with old age that are quite unattractive. For instance, your skin starts losing its elasticity, your tattoos fade from extended exposure to the sun, and even your hairline might start moving a bit more southwards.

Fortunately, modern technology presents cosmetic procedures that can fix your skin, various body features, and hair loss. This article provides more insights into full micropigmentation, for the people who are considering it in Las Vegas.

Are the results permanent?

The results of a scalp micropigmentation are still categorized as temporary. However, a single well-done procedure should last you for five years without requiring any touch-up. Note that wearing a good sunscreen and avoiding direct sunlight will help in prolonging the life of your pigment.

How long does the procedure take for satisfactory results?

For best results, scalp pigmentation treatment should be done in three visits that are at least two weeks apart. While this is done to allow your scalp a better healing period, it also gives room for adjustment of the depth and shade of the pigment for best results.

Additionally, it helps your hair to grow back gradually for over a month, as opposed to going from no hair to full hair in a few days.

What about aftercare?

Just like with other pigmentation procedures, the aftercare for scalp pigmentation is minimal. Although you may experience redness and minimal pain up to 12 hours after the procedure, this can be treated with ordinary painkillers.

One of the major factors you should consider during scalp pigmentation planning is your artist. Ensure you see the actual photos of their own work and not the work of their company. Also, consider the needles and pigments that they use, as they are a critical part of the results.”

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