How Often Should I Have Scalp Micropigmentation

“Americans who choose to have scalp micropigmentation (SMP) should expect to return for another treatment every four to six years, depending on each procedure’s results.

If you’re planning to have SMP in Nevada, for instance, in Alpha Micropigmentation, or another state, the cost depends on the number of sessions. You may need to spend between $2,000 and $4,000 for several standard treatments.

Choosing a Service Provider

SMP’s results vary from one practitioner to another, which is why patients should only work with service providers that have several years of experience in this procedure. Otherwise known as hair tattooing, SMP only became publicly available in 2006 and it has steadily increased in popularity since then.

Your chosen service provider should also be able to answer all your questions convincingly. When searching for the best SMP practitioner, ask if they use organic pigments instead of inks since the skin shows better results with the former. Don’t expect too much from the first treatment because you would need multiple sessions to notice results.

Tempering Expectations

Most patients said the level of pain and discomfort decreases after each procedure. An initial procedure may take between three and five hours, so be prepared to take some time off from work. SMP serves as a better alternative for those who are weary of using over-the-counter products such as topical minoxidil, or even advanced laser therapy.

After each treatment, you can return to work on the following day even with slight redness on their scalp. This should disappear within 24 to 48 hours. Avoid scratching your head during the healing process. The clinic should provide you with an anti-itch medication to ease the discomfort.

SMP is a good solution for those who have tried different OTC products and laser treatments without any noticeable results. How much are you willing to spend on each treatment?”

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