“Hair loss is one of the worst nightmares of men when they reach a certain age. In fact, 40 percent of men have noticeable hair loss when they reach the age of 35.

By the time they reach 60 years old, about 65 percent will have hair loss. But, women can also experience hair loss. About 50 percent of women may have this problem.

Due to the increased demand for hair growth services and treatments, many regimens became popular. These include hair growth supplements, scalp micropigmentation (SMP), and hair transplant. One of the most promising is the SMP in Nevada.

Scalp micropigmentation or medical hairline tattoo is a non-surgical treatment wherein natural pigments are applied on the scalp to mimic the natural appearance of true hair follicles. Here are the benefits of scalp pigmentation.

1. Look Younger and More Confident

For men with receding hairlines, getting an SMP can make them look younger. Also, they won’t feel ashamed of having hair loss, with real-looking hair follicles. Aside from that, you won’t worry about hiding your thinning hair again.

2. Speedy Healing Time

Another benefit of SMP is that it’s fast. The whole procedure is easy, and there is a short healing time. You can flaunt your new look any time soon. The usual recovery time is from two to four days. You can return to your normal activities.

3. Natural-Looking

Unlike wigs and other alternatives, SMP looks more natural and realistic. The hair follicles look like real ones, and you won’t need any maintenance.

4. Affordable

Since the procedure is now in-demand, the prices may decrease in order to have competitors. Men can now have the confidence to face the world despite hair loss and without feeling embarrassed.

Scalp micropigmentation is just one of the many hair loss solutions. It’s important to make sure these products and services are safe and legit.”

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