How to Get Your Confidence Back After Hair Loss

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“Whether it’s a medical condition or a sign of aging, hair loss hurts. Because society has expectations about beauty, losing hair can be hard. Hair length is a significant point in attraction. In fact, studies say that men perceive women with long hair as being healthier. Meanwhile, people associate men’s baldness to undesirable traits like impotence.

But sometimes, you can’t help hair loss.

In men, hair loss may be the result of genetics and the hormone called dihydrotestosterone. Most Caucasian men go bald eventually: 50 percent to 60 percent start losing their hair by the age of 70. But a defect in the androgen receptor gene is what causes premature balding.

Alopecia areata occurs in both men and women. The National Alopecia Areata Foundation says alopecia areata affects 2% of the population. In this case, the body attacks its own hair follicles, causing hair to fall out in round patches.

Chemotherapy can be another cause of hair loss. Alpha Micropigmentation cites other health issues like thyroid, and autoimmune disorders as causes of hair fall out. As a result, hair loss can have a lasting psychological impact and damage to self-confidence.

Getting your confidence back

The first step is making peace with your baldness. Your confidence despite it is the only cure for hair loss.  Having confidence is attractive. Once you choose not to let hair loss beat you down, you control the situation.

This is how you start building back your life. With confidence, you can start doing anything that you would have been doing if you had your hair. You can study, work, and socialize just the same. Surround yourself with people who appreciate you, with or without hair.

Keep in mind that how you feel about yourself is more important than how you look. Accomplishing your goal doesn’t need to involve hair. It merely entails a whole lot of confidence.”

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