“It’s easy to feel frustrated if you have tried a number of hair loss medications, but still don’t see good results. If you’re starting to thin out and want to keep what you still have, you may have to modify your habits to slow down hair loss. This means carefully washing your hair, being gentle when washing it, and avoiding excessive combing or brushing.

Styling Hair the Right Way

You can style your thinning hair to de-emphasize hair loss. It’s best to use your fingertips when styling or grooming and be sure to follow the original growth pattern in your scalp. It’s also ideal to cut your hair short, as trying to keep it long will only make your problem more noticeable. Be sure to avoid covering up your head with a cap, as it can cause further problems if you’re already losing hair.

What About Micropigmentation?

For some guys, surgery or hair transplant is out of the question. This is because aside from being overly expensive, there’s also the risk of scarring or having an unnatural hair growth appearance. This is where scalp tattooing or scalp micropigmentation comes in.

As scalp micropigmentation clinics in Las Vegas noted, this treatment gives the illusion of hair by creating a buzz cut hairstyle appearance. It involves the application of different shades to the pigment in the head to replicate your hair follicles and natural hair color. It uses microneedles to place tiny dots in the dermal layer of the skin, which then creates an illusion. This treatment is ideal if you’re experiencing further hair loss. The best part is it requires little to maintenance, with no strict lifestyle restrictions.

The Deal with Stress and Anxiety

While hair loss may be hereditary, excessive stress can accelerate hair shedding. Studies suggest that high levels of stress are associated with different types of hair loss. This can cause the strands to fall suddenly or when you’re washing or combing. Find ways to relieve stress or try meditation and relaxation exercises. Working out can also ease stress, as well as avoiding thinking much about hair loss.

It’s easy to say to not make your hair loss a big deal, but the reality is it’s easier said than done. You can choose to see a physician or visit a scalp micropigmentation clinic to get a remedy for your problem. But then again, you should remember that your value or worth as a person does not depend on whether or not you have a head full of hair.”

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