“A hair transplant is a popular option for people who experience hair loss. However, besides costing an arm and a leg, it also leaves behind an ugly scar. While you could use a wig, save yourself the embarrassment of getting the wig displaced on your head.

This leaves you with the option of full micropigmentation to solve your hair loss problem. In Las Vegas, this highly advanced method uses specialized equipment and techniques for pigment injection into your scalp.

There are various procedures used today. This article highlights three of them to help you choose appropriately.

Adding Volume to Thinning Hair

A sign of hair thinning is wide and patchy spots across the scalp. While you will still have an even hair coverage throughout the scalp, your hair density gradually drops as the hair loss progresses. Scalp micropigmentation offers you a solution by restoring volume to give you an even and full head of hair.

Widowed Peak and Soft Hairline

Sometimes, your hairline might recede over time, resulting in a weak or no hairline at all. Micropigmentation can use a replenishment technique, which comes with realistic hair growth appearance with no exaggerated or harsh lines. To achieve this, the color must be carefully picked to match the natural color of your hair.

Permanent Edging Up

The edge up procedure is the most popular of the three. Reason being, it is a highly conservative way of restoring hair to your head. It starts by subtly building up your hairline, and advancing further to cover the entire head.

In this method, the ink color must match the hair density to create an illusion of a head full of hair, and a fine hairline, thus giving you a youthful edge up.

Everyone’s head and hair composition are different. Thus, it is advisable that you get a custom designed procedure to perfectly fit your requirements. This way, you will end up getting the exact head and hair outlook that you were looking for.”

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