Micropigmentation Training Las Vegas Nevada

Scalp micropigmentation is one of the fastest growing segments in the beauty and aesthetics industry and for good reason. When done correctly it produces some of the most hyper-realistic and long-lasting results available from any hair loss treatment on the market. As with any booming industry, there is no shortage of people rushing to get trained and get in on this highly profitable business. The unfortunate downside to this boom in people looking for training is inexperienced people posing as scalp micro pigmentation trainers that are preying on individuals looking for training. Here are some important things to look for when choosing a trainer.

First and foremost make sure your trainer is licensed and carries the necessary certifications required by your state. Having a nice office or fancy website does not necessarily mean they have the qualifications or experience to train you. All legitimate trainers and artists will have their licenses and certifications prominently displayed in their workspace. It is also not a bad idea to do your own homework and check with the local governing authority to see if they are licensed and legal practicing.

Ask to see their body of work. There are a ton of people taking the fly by night online training certification classes in order to call themselves “certified trainers”. While they do carry a certification which is good, this does not necessarily mean that they have the experience under their belt to pass on to you as a student. Ask to see a portfolio of their work. Make sure that the work they are performing is up to the standard of work that you wish to achieve. Any experienced micro pigmentation trainer will be happy to share their body of work with you or even provide client referrals or testimonials.

SMP Training Nevada

Ensure that their training style is best suited to your learning style. Be wary of 2-week cookie cutter online certifications. You will rarely get the experience or exposure needed to be successful in micro pigmentation. Find a trainer that is able to provide you the personal attention you need to be successful. Hands-on training is generally considered to be the best training available in our industry as there are many aspects to the training that really needs to be seen and done under the supervision of a professional to learn correctly. The better online training programs will include some form of video conferencing that will enable you to have valuable “face time” with your trainer.

Finally, make sure that your SMP trainer is someone that you are comfortable working with and that you are confident learning from. You should never feel rushed or neglected during training. A good trainer will be able to work with you at a comfortable pace and in a comfortable setting. Their main focus should not be on getting you in and out of training but to get you to a point where you are producing quality work on your own.

While there seem to be an endless amount of scalp micro pigmentation trainers out there, hopefully, this will help you to narrow that list down to a few that you can confidently choose from.

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