Bedside manners are not limited to hospitals and clinics; they should be part of a cosmetic procedure, as well. In fact, they are the hallmark of a trained aesthetician, because they know that the client’s trust and comfort are key to a successful scalp micropigmentation procedure.

In some cases, however, aestheticians tend to focus on the procedure and overlook interaction with the client. Although they have the clients’ best interests at heart, they might have not put their best foot forward when engaging the client. So, although the client gained a hyper-realistic illusion of thicker hair, they might not have been totally satisfied with their experience at the clinic.

As such, Alpha Micropigmentation stresses the importance of pleasant bedside manners in our SMP training. We remind our students that clients deserve a five-star experience and services that are as attentive as patient care.

Where Some Aestheticians Might Fail

So far, there are no studies that identify the specific bedside manners that aestheticians violate. But to get a glimpse of probable lapses, we can look at research articles that investigate the bedside manners of medical professionals.

One such study, published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine, looked into five key strategies in patient interactions.

  • Introducing Oneself to the Patient – Practitioners introduced themselves only 40% of visits.
  • Explaining One’s Role – They only elaborated on their role 37% of visits.
  • Touching the Patient – This was achieved only 65% of the time.
  • Asking Open-Ended Questions – Practitioners asked open-ended questions (like “How are you feeling today?”) only 75% of the time.
  • Sitting Down with the Patient – This was achieved only 9% of the time.

These figures show that, sometimes, medical professionals forget their bedside manners. And the result, according to the author, is that patients don’t feel connected to what doctors are telling them. Patients might be discouraged to follow after-care instructions. The worse part is that this is happening to the patients during a very stressful time.

Our clients come to us in search of a solution. It is our responsibility to make them comfortable and ensure that they understand the details of the SMP procedure.

Alpha Micropigmentation is supposed to be a safe space, where they can air their concerns, feel at ease, and enjoy the transition to fuller, thicker-looking hair.

Best Practices in Scalp Micropigmentation Bedside Manners

At Alpha Micropigmentation, bedside manners are as important as the right techniques to creating hyper-realistic illusion of a thicker mane. These are some guidelines that our students live by:

  • Establish Rapport. A good introduction is the only way to start a consultation or procedure. Like all types of customers, our clients prefer an element of human warmth. Your job is to improve their lives, so make sure they feel your genuine intentions.
  • Maintain Eye Contact. Clients are entitled to your full attention, so avoid being distracted as you are talking to them. A healthy amount of eye contact signals trustworthiness and confidence.
  • Explain the Procedure. Clients would feel more at ease if they understand the procedure they’re going through. So, explain SMP using plain language (not medical jargon).
  • Encourage Questions. Don’t stop at answering questions; encourage them. Even something as simple as “Do you have any questions before we begin?” or “Is there anything else you’d like to clarify?” would go a long way in making them feel more comfortable.

To complete a stellar SMP experience, execute the procedure with sure hands, inform your clients of aftercare methods, and show them how their new look could improve the way they live every day.

Learn how to be an SMP technician with not only skill but also manners. This is what separates the true professionals from the rest.  Get in touch with Alpha Micropigmentation for excellent SMP training today.