Many people dread the idea of hair loss, especially men. Studies show that a man’s confidence lowers when he experiences hair loss.  In one study, more than 70 percent of men interviewed said their hair was an important feature of their image, while 62 percent said hair loss would affect their self-esteem.

Perhaps that is the reason why the market for hair loss treatment has grown exponentially throughout the years. Now more than ever, affordable hair loss treatments are available to men. Some work; unfortunately, many do not.

One of these treatments is known as scalp micropigmentation−−more commonly known as hair tattooing. Scalp micropigmentation is a process involving the tattooing of tiny ink spots to give the appearance of close cropped hair on a bald head. The treatment also adds density to thinning hair and is popular for hiding scars from hair transplants and burns.

Does not make false claims

What many men don’t realize is that hair loss is part of the natural aging process, which means it happens sooner or later. Unlike many products on the market that fail in their promise to bring back hair, scalp micropigmentation offers no such claim.

Full scalp micropigmentation does not focus on hair growth, but rather on the effect of loss of hair to a person’s psyche. Hair tattooing gives the appearance that you still have hair despite the hair loss, permanently stopping a receding hairline so your self-confidence doesn’t sag.

Safe and fast procedure

Hair tattooing is a non-invasive procedure, meaning no incisions are made and no risks of infection. The procedure does not use harsh chemicals, so is not harmful or potentially toxic to the body. A topical anesthetic is applied to the head to ensure that the patient won’t experience discomfort.

Aside from being safe, the procedure is fast. It commonly takes a couple of sessions, with visible results seen after the first appointment. The healing time is usually short, with many people back at work after a couple of days.

Requires minimal maintenance

Scalp micropigmentation does not use real hair so there is no need for special and expensive hair products. You can also save time styling your hair because it is already styled 24/7. If you want to add a bit of shine, you can quickly apply baby oil or wax on your scalp.

Get the treatment from someone you can trust

To ensure the high-quality results you expect, find a reliable and trustworthy treatment facility. In Las Vegas, Alpha Micropigmentation has successfully practiced hair tattooing for several years. We use advanced technology to make sure that the client remains comfortable and safe throughout the procedure.

Our treatments are customizable. Before each procedure, we sit down and talk with the client and discuss style preferences, hairline design and other matters, so they are comfortable with the process. We make sure that the outcome meets client expectations.

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