Men and women struggling with pattern baldness have a wealth of treatment options available to them today, from simple home remedies to medications and then surgery.

Another option that’s been becoming popular lately is scalp micropigmentation or SMP. Also known as hair tattooing, this non-invasive procedure is a good alternative for those who want to look like they’ve got a head full of hair without going under the knife.

Apart from being non-invasive, the recovery period for SMP is relatively faster than that of hair transplant, which is why it’s appealing to so many patients.

But just like any other operation, hair tattooing involves plenty of preparation and a lot more aftercare. Take a look at what you’ll have to deal with before and after the procedure to know if SMP is right for you.

How do you prep for SMP?

  • 2 days before

Don’t consume alcohol at least 48 hours before the procedure. Alcohol is a blood thinner, making you bleed more. Avoid medication, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, as well. These also increase the risk of bleeding because they prevent the blood from clotting. Tea, coffee, and energy drinks are also blood thinners.

  • The night before

Get a good night’s sleep to make sure you’re in good shape for the operation. And make sure you’re properly hydrated atleast a day prior to allow your skin to accept the ink better. Exfoliate your scalp to remove any dead skin cells.

  • The day of

Have a hearty breakfast on the day of your procedure to build your stamina. Wash your head also since it’ll be a while before you can take a shower after getting the tattoo. Don’t exercise or use any oily, waxy products on your head. The excess oil can prevent the pigment from retaining.

What happens after?

You may be excited to flaunt your new look, but your scalp is still sensitive a few days after the operation. Even though SMP is non-invasive, it still requires a thorough aftercare on your part.

  • Immediate aftercare

Skip any activity that would expose your head to water, including swimming, showering, and even exercising. This also means avoiding any task that would cause you to sweat, from hiking, sauna, and others. You can wash your scalp after three days sans shampoo or soap. After a week, cleanse with mild soap.

Your scalp will feel itchy as it heals, but refrain from picking at it. it’s best to let it heal on its own to prevent the spread of bacteria and ensure that the pigment stays.

  • Long-term aftercare

Strictly avoid any prolonged exposure to the sun during the first month after your procedure. This will prevent any further damage while your skin is still sensitive. If you can’t avoid going out in the daytime, lather on some sunscreen and wear a hat.

Make it a habit to moisturize the tattooed skin with a lightweight cream or gel to help the micropigmentation settle. Also, skip tanning for a while, whether through sun exposure or products, because it may fade the pigment quickly.

The second session of your SMP should happen about a week after the first.

Once your scalp has fully healed, the micropigmentation will last about five years, depending on your lifestyle and skin. Also, remember that although hair tattoo is a non-invasive procedure, you should only go to a specialist with a certification of SMP training.

Get the treatment from someone you can trust

Alpha Micropigmentation has been practicing hair tattooing for several years now, using advanced technology to offer only the best service. Our priority is our clients’ safety, ensuring that they’re comfortable throughout the procedure.

We customize our treatments to fit your preference. Before each operation, we’ll discuss style, hairline design, and other concerns to make sure that your expectations are met.

Learn more about this procedure on our FAQs page.