There are many scalp micropigmentation clinics starting up, and some of them even provide training services. This is beneficial for you if you are looking to put up your own micropigmentation clinic. The more clinics there are, the lower the cost of these training programs or services. As the cost of training lessens, the challenge will be to pick the best micropigmentation clinic to train under. Alpha Micropigmentation lists down what you should look for in a scalp micropigmentation training provider.

1. Class sizes are optimized.

There are clinics where one-on-one tutorials are conducted for scalp micropigmentation training, and there are those that give training to groups of at most four people. The reason for this is a smaller class size gives more opportunities for students to interact and for instructors to give personal attention to each student’s questions. SMP training classes with more than five people may not be manageable.

2. Training is hands-on.

A good training class conducts sit-down lectures for learning industry terms, what constitutes a good procedure, and the difference between using inks and pigments. But the best way to learn SMP procedures is to try to do it hands-on, training with a similar, if not identical, piece of equipment that you’ll be using when you pursue your own practice. Even better, the training program should allow you to practice on real human subjects.

3. You get feedback.

You’ll know a training program is good when the instructors give you constant feedback about your performance. This is especially true when they’re professional enough to point out your mistakes and how to remedy them. Getting an objective opinion regarding your performance, whether good or bad, will ultimately be beneficial to your training.

4. There’s no lack of expertise.

Another aspect of a good training class or program for SMP is there is no shortage of expertise and knowledge to impart to students. Receiving training from industry veterans with 25 years of experience or more means you’ll get valuable trade knowledge that you won’t get from the books. Learning how to deal with difficult cases or clients, which techniques work, which new tech to use, how to market your service in unusual ways—these are a sample of what you can learn from the more experienced practitioners.

5. They Insist on industry best practices

A mediocre practice will inform you on the bare minimum and cut
corners. When such practices offer training, they’ll likely impart their
lackadaisical ways onto you and other trainees. If you want to get
quality training, research on what the industry standards are and if the
SMP clinic applies them. Should the SMP clinic try to teach you
shortcuts, like using inks instead of industry-compliant pigments,
approve sub-par work, or don’t practice good hygiene, walk away and look
for a more reputable practice. A good scalp micropigmentation clinic
prioritizes their industry, its standards, and the welfare of its
clients before profits.  

Scalp micropigmentation promises to be a sought-after and valuable
service in your community. But why should you take a course from us?

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