One of the questions that are often asked in Micro pigmentation consultations is why these procedures generally cost more than a tattoo of relative size. While there are a few different reasons that factor into the increased cost the one we will talk about today is the inks or pigments used during a procedure.

If your micro pigmentation artist is using the correct type of pigment for your procedure they are generally paying anywhere from 500 – 900% more for their pigment than a tattoo artist does for their inks. The pigments that are used in micro pigmentation procedures are specialized formulas designed specifically for application to the scalp and face. Most of these pigments are various shades all occupying the grey scale. The artist will use a particular shade or combination of shades to match their client’s hair follicle color.

The major difference that these pigments have compared to a traditional black tattoo ink is that they are not composed of dyes or colors. In traditional black tattoo inks, these dyes and colors can break down or separate over time turning a kind of blue or green in color. Scalp micro pigmentation pigments will never change color over time. They will only soften in tone with your natural hair over time. A simple test that can be performed is to place a few drops of black tattoo ink in the bottom of a clear plastic cup. If you start adding drops of alcohol to the ink it will start to break down into the separate dyes and colors that were mixed to achieve the black color. You will see streaks of blue, green, or purple start to emerge from the ink. If you perform the same test on a quality micro pigmentation, the ink will retain it’s black color no matter how much it is diluted with alcohol. This is extremely important when considering these pigments will be applied to your scalp. Nobody wants to risk the chance of turning their scalp blue or green.

Alpha Micropigmetnation offers scalp micropigmentation treatment in Las Vegas. They use only the highest quality pigments that will never change color over time. Their technicians are trained to the highest standards to provide you with results that are hyper-realistic even when viewed under a microscope.  Contact us today for a free consultation!