Alpha Micropigmentation offers comprehensive scalp micropigmentation training in Las Vegas.

We are definitely in the wave of the future and those that are suffering from hair loss are definitely looking or alternatives. Some of those alternatives have been wigs, hair transplants, hats, etc. but scalp micropigmentation is a hot industry and Alpha Micropigmentation offers this incredible service in Las Vegas. With a combined knowledge, the owners have developed a keen understanding of what a healthy head of hair should look like on men and women of all ages. Throughout their careers, they have seen the results of almost every hair loss treatment on the market. More often than not they have had to work with clients in their office to mask or correct failed hair loss treatments. Until now they have not seen a solution to hair loss that she would consider standing behind or endorsing. That is why we are very excited to be able to provide scalp micropigmentation as we have never seen a process that provides such realistic and permanent results. But, we’ve decided to share our passionate knowledge with all of you by offering SMP training as well!

Scalp Micropigmentation Training

Our micropigmentation training emphasizes application over book knowledge. Once we have equipped our trainees with the basics plus proper methodologies, we show them how the procedure is done. We demonstrate micropigmentation step by step so they have a firm grasp of the process at the end of the course. We also encourage dialogue between us and the trainees so we can answer all of their questions.

We understand that potential students are coming to us with various levels of experience and qualifications. Some people prefer to train hands-on and in person, while others prefer to train from the comfort of their own home or office. Whether you are just starting out in this field or you are a veteran in the aesthetics industry, we have an SMP training program that will work for you.

The best part is, if you don’t have the time to visit us, we also provide SMP training online. You will still receive comprehensive training and proper guidance.

Ask us about it today, and receive hands-on training from the experts.